Seattle: A Tiny Taste

Last week, I had the pleasure of playing “Tour Guide” to my friends Cynthia+Jesse. They lucked out with two round trip tickets to anywhere in the US and decided it was time to check out the West Coast. They flew into Portland, Oregon (total coincidence, as I was also there working/adventuring with Morgan Trinker!) and from there, they ventured north to Seattle to air matress it up with us! There wasn’t a lot of time to do everything there is to do out here, so we went with the obvious things—Pike Place Market, Starbucks, walking around the city in general. But we also got to squeeze in something I’ve never, in all my time spent here, gotten to do—The Underground Tour. I always knew there was an “underground city” in Seattle and envisioned this magnificent, bustling haven under the main streets of Seattle where there were amber lights and old streetcars just going about their business… Well, it wasn’t exactly like that, but it was still pretty nift and I’m glad I can finally say I’ve been!

Having Cyndi+Jesse here built another bridge between my two worlds—Washington to Tennessee, Tennessee to Washington—and it felt amazing. Plus, having Cyndi by my side again, taking pictures like a maniac, made me more at ease to do the same. I’ve gone to Seattle on numerous occasions but never documented it quite like this… I really hope you enjoy this post, because for me, it felt like it was the first time I had ever done it…

I absolutely loved this guy. If I had 10 extra bucks, I would have bought his CD right then and there. He was SO good.

So I have to explain the next few photos… Obviously, while we were at Pike Place Market, we had to go see the famous “fish throwing guys.” Going to see them reminds me of my childhood. A lot of the men that work at this market have worked there since before I first saw them at the tender age of nine years. They love what they do and it’s pretty obvious why. They THROW fish! As in, they toss ’em in the air to their coworkers, yelling out funny fishermen sayings and making it fun.

So when we approached, we struck up a conversation with one of the fish-throwing men, talking about the price of this and that, the taste of this fish over that fish… And then I asked the question I had planned to ask while Cyndi was with me…

“So do you guys still like to invite pretty girls behind the counter and teach them how to catch a fish?” All the while, I’m pointing at Cyndi, egging them on.

And they did! Cyndi was invited to catch a fish! So these next couple of shots are of that amazing moment!

First, she was instructed on the basics of fish catching/throwing…

Then, she had a practice run… First one slipped right through her fingers… (And Cyndi, don’t you DARE complain to me about your “double chin” in these photos! Anyone catching a King Salmon would make this face! So hush!)

Then she got to try again… This time…


Look at this expression. Ooooooh, I was in for it…

Except I totally made it up to her with an assorted dozen from Daily Dozen, aka “The Dirty Dozen.” Sigh… Friends again… 🙂

Bahahaha! Love this.

You just have to love the panhandlers in Seattle. They are unashamed and ready to acknowledge that they are asking for money for little to no return. It may not be the most highly respected profession in society, but I’ll be the first to say that I respect it! They are full of character and most of the time, very friendly. Because of this, it’s always important that I carry several one dollar bills in my wallet. “One dollar for one photo” is my personal mantra when I go on these expeditions. Otherwise, I won’t take the picture. It’s just downright rude otherwise. This includes the musicians and street acts as well. They practice their craft and put themselves out there for others to enjoy and if that doesn’t deserve my dollar, I don’t know what does.

What I’m standing on is a skylight to the Underground City. Photos of which you’ll see below…

I’m not sure why, but I love this… Like, I want to get it printed HUGE and hang in my apartment… that I plan to have… eventually…

The beginning of our Underground City Tour…

Remember the skylight I was standing on before? Here’s what it looks like from the other side. 🙂

Back to the land of the living.

I was a great tour guide. Just stating the facts.

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  • Ahhhh! Looks like SO much fun. I hope I get an excuse to come take the tour someday too!

  • The fish throwing pics are awesome! In fact, they are all great. I am suddenly inspired to be less timid about carrying my camera around when I visit new cities.

  • sr says:

    Yessss!!! Love these. I love Cynthia and you and Seattle and these photographs!!!

  • cyndi says:

    Carly, Carly, Carly! You were an excellent tour guide & i’m so glad we got to see you. It was fun trying to cram all those things into one short time frame, but lets go ahead & look at plane tickets because I want to come back. (despite the )) chin the twilight picture, are you serious!!!) Anyways… I love you & miss you!

  • Vicky says:

    These pictures remind me why you are my FAVORITE photographer! Beautiful Carly…just beautiful!

  • Gemma Carr says:

    I totally just got to go to Seattle, from my computer here in Australia. Why thank you!
    Awesome series showing off your fabulous photo talents.
    Do you take tour guide bookings? When I come to Seattle I wanna catch a fish too!

  • amber says:

    Gorgeous coverage! I’ve a strong craving for a Seattle visit now!

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