Proper Birthdays

We got to celebrate George’s birthday properly for the first time this year. While we’ve always tried to do something special on our birthdays, it was always difficult because of our demanding work and school schedules. Now that we’re both done with school, planning parties or social events is a lot easier. For George’s 25th birthday, we celebrated with two of George’s most favorite things in the world: Friends and Coffee.

To 15th Ave Coffee & Tee we went! And it was pretty awesome, I must admit. I don’t consider myself as much a coffee person any more (says the former Starbucks “Coffee Master”) but I thoroughly loved the drinks and conversation. Enjoy a few photos I snapped of our evening.

We reserved the “indoor/outdoor” patio for three hours. It was very rustic and charming, just like me. 😉

Chelsea was cracking me up with her “Soup Latte.” This thing was MASSIVE and I don’t even think it was the “biggest” you could get. WOW, right?


Things are pretty crazy around here. Hence the lack of posting this week. I’m doing a lot of stuff I’ve been putting off, like backing up files, purging old files, backing up more files… The process is never ending. But I promise to get back to regularly scheduled bliggities soon. Thanks for being such patient and faithful readers. {hugs}

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