Happy Birthday, George

Dear George,

Today is your 25th birthday and I’m thinking about that day at Starbucks when you came in and had lunch with me. We were just friends then. You were bored and didn’t have anywhere else to be, so when you saw me on my lunch break, you sat down and kept me company. You told me about your dad. I told you some things about me too. We were pretty good friends after that… I knew I liked you and that I could feel okay about myself when we were together. Not just okay, but good… I wasn’t used to that. You were a new concept for me—an idea and a dream I hoped to have one day.

Thank you for always being you. Thank you for embracing me every single day, good moods and bad. Thank you for moving to Seattle with me and loving my family. They love you too… Thank you for pushing me after my dream and coming along for the ride.

You are an adventurer and you make me one, too.

I love you forever and ever.


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