Way back when, I never thought I could post a picture of myself online and ever, ever, ever feel good about it. But this feeling went beyond the time I was 45 pounds heavier. It went down to the very core of who I was. My whole life, I have felt an uncertainty about myself—is this my look? my feel? my attitude?

Only in the last 10 months have I discovered what makes me feel good, what makes me feel like me… And so seeing pictures of myself  and sharing them with others is no longer a question of, “Does my face look weird in this picture? Can I pull off this look or this outfit? Are people going to think I look ugly?” Now, I think, “Yeah, guys! Here I am! Let’s party!” I’ve grown so incredibly comfortable with myself that the idea of holding back the crazy faces I make, my ridiculous dance moves, or my quirks, just feels wrong!

Be who you are.
If you don’t know what that is, do yourself the favor and find out!

YOU don’t happen everyday. So own it.


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  • Kyle says:

    For real though, srsly. You’re such a freakin’ baller.

  • threedeadflies, aka "Dad" says:

    Wierd? Quirky? Crazy? Ridiculous? Hmm.

    What else?

    How about creative, artsy, stylish, expressive, sensitive, insightful, understanding, caring, thoughtful, spiritual, growing, helping, striving, yearning, and beautiful? How about those?

    I could go on but I think I may see more than the average bear. And I have known you longer than you have known you. When you weren’t aware of anything but survival, I was seeing things in you that you didn’t know were there. Now I get to see you discover them and that lets me re-live those moments of discovery I experienced so many years ago.

    Welcome! Come on in! You’ll like what you see! I sure do!

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