Ryan Z. | Woodinville, WA

Wrapping up the shoots from Seattle last month—I introduce to you, Ryan.

I was really excited about Ryan’s shoot because it was a little wet that day. Clouds would roll in, then drizzle, then sun breaks, then clouds again… This is very iconic for Seattle. For this shoot, I really wanted to capture that feeling of green, lush, wet and almost spiritual. With Ryan’s big (and dare I say, hypnotizing?) eyes and his style, I knew we could get the look I was going after. Ryan is a graphic designer (he designed the shirt he’s wearing!) but he’s more than that. He’s an animal lover (insects, included!) and he’s an all-around nature enthusiast! So I think you’ll find these pictures quite suiting to his personality.

There is something about every shoot I did in Seattle that feels so much more like myself. I don’t know how to explain it. After having the chance to actually shoot there, I feel like it’s always where I was supposed to be. I’m just so excited for what’s to come…

We have less than three weeks left in Tennessee.

Can you believe it?

In fact, my dad will be here, along with my childhood friend Miles, in just two weeks! They’ll help us wrap things up, pack, and keep us company on the 5-day trip back to the Northwest! We plan on making it a scenic trip—Colorado, anyone? Yellowstone Park, perhaps?—and I’m excited to take some scenic pictures! Not to mention, the days we spend together on the trip will be ones I treasure forever. We don’t often have the opportunity to travel across the country, especially with our loved ones. For this, I am so excited and thankful!

Also… GEORGE IS GRADUATING! I am so, so, SO proud of him. I can’t wait to watch him walk across that stage to take his diploma. And part of me hopes he stage dives into the crowd and surfs to where I’ll be standing, waiting to give him the biggest bear-hug ever. Yeah, that would be awesome…

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