Alena+David | Cleveland, TN

I want to battle someone!!!!!!!!

WHY?!,” you ask?!?!

Because these two are so frakin’ adorable but I won’t be there for the wedding!


At least I had the privilege of photographing their love and their beautiful connection. The chemistry between Alena and David is simply undeniable. If I’m lucky, maybe I’ll get the chance to be there for their vintage-inspired wedding. They have such fantastic taste and the details that will go into their day will be jaw-dropping for sure!

Alena… David… I love you both.

And Spring… You’ve been so good to me. I adore you too.

This next series was by Alena’s request. The wedding will have a vintage theme, so Alena and David brought vintage outfits—eeeeek!!! I love it!!! She also requested they be taken in a field and of course, that was no problem! I love a good field shoot any day!

Yeah… Alena makes it sexy… I just make it…


Not sexy…

Goodness! Someone could use a tan!

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  • MY FAVORITE SHOOT OF YOURS TO DATE. srsly. amazing. also, how did you manage to get that bumblebee to cooperate for that one shot? i need to get that trick for my bag. 😉

  • threedeadflies, aka "Dad" says:

    The bee… So now you’re hiring bees to be in your shots! Have you spoken to the Brotherhood of Bee Teamsters? They will surely be looking you up to get their overtime pay for one of their own working on a weekend!

  • Dixie says:

    Carly, these are amazing! I love them.

  • Faith says:

    I have to agree…that bee shot is AMAZING….as are the others. Still that bee shot is award winning….WOW!!!!

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