A New Post-Wedding Ritual?

No, but I wouldn’t mind making it one!

Yesterday’s wedding was spectacular, to say the least! And to say I was exhausted last night would be an understatement, but I was so jazzed from the entire day, that I just could not stop!

George always shoots weddings with me, so having him there on the wedding day feels different than any other shoot I do. But working weddings is definitely my favorite thing because he’s there! Mostly because of how we see ourselves “within the context” of the wedding. See… George and I are photographers and yeah, we definitely do our job (and quite well, I like to think), but it’s important to us that we mingle with the guests. We party with them, dance with them, eat with them, celebrate with them, because I’ll be honest—we’re probably just as excited and happy for the newlyweds as everyone else!

And we show it.

So after a crazy day of shooting and hours of dancing, we made our way to the hotel room. The thing is, I was so pumped from the day’s events, I just couldn’t contain the energy I still had! And George managed to capture a bit of it…

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  • TravisM says:


    Love it, can’t wait to have like a WHOLE day together or something!

  • Josh says:

    I love this post wedding ritual!!! You guys rock, and I miss kickin’ it with you. I am so thankful you guys were not only our photographers but our amazing friends that got to enjoy the day with us. It wouldn’t have been the same without you!

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