Morgan Trinker | Portland, OR

I love how social networking brings people with common interests together. My friend, Amanda, messaged me on Facebook many, many moons ago. She sent me a link to her friend’s photography blog, commenting that she thought the two of us “might hit it off.” I followed the link and instantly, I was hooked on this girl. She knew exactly what I was going through, both as a photographer and as a young business owner, because we were both doing the exact same thing.

Morgan Trinker is a beautiful (and TINY!) photographer who just left Salt Lake City, Utah to live closer to family and build her business in Birmingham, Alabama. She’s already made quite a name for herself, shooting weddings from Oregon to New York, Utah to New Jersey… I mean, she gets around! This little woman is gonna make it and I wouldn’t be surprised if she was asked to host her own WPPI booth next year. An amazing artist and an incredible work ethic—I simply can’t say enough about how cool she is.

As you my have already guessed, I had a wonderful weekend with my formerly Internet-exclusive friend as we explored the city of Portland, Oregon together. We met up at the Governor Hotel, where we were staying AND shooting that weekend’s wedding. More from the gorgeous wedding to follow…

For now, I just wanted to share a few photos I snapped of Morgan. I wish I could take credit for spotting this window display but it was all Mo… A great find and SO her style.

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