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I’m kind of a Google Reader junkie. The world wide web makes learning such an easy and exciting process. And I realize I sound like all my media education professors from school, but I’m only trying to state how I really feel about it.

If you’re unsure what the Google Reader is, the best way I can think to describe it is like this: The Kindle is to Books as the Google Reader is to Blogs. Basically, if you’re an avid blog stalker, the Google Reader has the ability to bring them all into one central location. If you’ve ever been to a blog and it says “Suscribe to my Feed” or you see a small RSS symbol, that’s all you need for your Google Reader. So if you want to know who updates, you simply launch your Reader (straight out of your Gmail account) and if anyone has updated or blogged, it will tell you. AND! You don’t even have to go to the site to see the update! The Google Reader brings it to you! It’s a one-stop shop to all things bliggity.

All this to say… I “subscribe” to several wedding inspiration blogs. They help me see what trends are taking place, both photographically and in the industry overall. They’re also a fantastic place to submit your work, to share your photos and gain exposure. One of the blogs I absolutely adore is The Bride’s Café. Janie Medley is a florist and a really talented one too! But in between all the weddings she works, she also runs this adorable blog for brides seeking delicious ideas and gorgeous inspiration. I immediately thought of her for when Geneva and I put together our “Pirates” storyboard and when Janie LOVED the photos, I knew I’d made a good call in submitting them to her. So head on over to her blog and check out our feature. Also be sure to check out the rest of her blog—there’s a lot of good stuff there.

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