Rachel+Sam | Staunton, Virginia Backyard Wedding

When Sam saw Rachel for the first time as an 11-year-old fifth grader, he told himself, “I’m not going to fall for her…” Now, he says it was probably just a defense mechanism because he wanted to protect his heart. But as they grew older, attended youth group and spent time with the same friends, it was obvious that being together was predestined. Maybe not as obvious to Rachel or Sam, but to everyone else, it certainly was… So on their wedding day, everyone in attendance told a piece of Rachel+Sam’s story, sometimes through words, but mostly just by being there. Because everyone in attendance shared in the love that was so strong and so thick, it seemed to hang in the Virginia air.

I hope you can feel the energy of their wedding through these images. Because it really was such a fun day.

I’ll begin with the first photo I took on that magical Sunday… If I can sum up Rachel+Sam’s wedding day in one word, I’d probably choose GRASSHOPPERS. Because they were EVERYWHERE! But it was cool because they were a “kind” of wedding decoration, like streamers or candles. Nature’s confetti! So I had to include them…

Whew! Seriously, so many photos, I can barely handle it… I mean, this thing took me four days to get up. A lot of that had to do with the craziness here at home, but there was just so much good stuff to share! Rachel+Sam throw one amazing party, as I’m sure you gathered from the amount of dancing that is now present on the blog. F’real, we had an absolute blast at this wedding.

Now I’m getting ready to shoot a wedding with my girlpal, Morgan Trinker, down in Portland! Super pumped to finally meet my Internet-photoggy friend who also happens to have mutual friends outside the photographer realm (tiny world much??). Anyway, I hope you loved this wedding as much as we did.

Rachel+Sam, thank you for loving us, supporting us, and being such great friends. We love you to death and we can’t wait for the chance to be together again. After our weekend with you, your lovely friends and family, we truly understand why Virginia is for lovers

Wedding Gown – Ever After in Cleveland, TN
Shoes (Bride & Groom) – TOMS
Bridesmaid Dresses – Modcloth
Menswear – JCPenny
Ceremony/Reception – A friend’s horse farm
Books for Centerpieces – Goodwill
Flowers – Susan Roepke with Flower Fields
Photography – Carly & George Chaney of carlybish photography

And as ALWAYS, a glimpse behind the scenes…

I had to have a picture with one of my previous brides! Heidi flew in all the way from Australia to be the best Matron of Honor that ever lived!!!

Group shot with the bride and groom! Thank you, Emily (sister of the bride)!

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  • Gemma Carr says:

    Oh my – those shoes, the piggy-back, the running down the aisle, those meatballs!!!
    This wedding has it all Carly! LOVE it.

  • duuuuude. firstly, gorgeous images. seriously amazing. secondly, ummm i get to see you in less than 48 hours. CHECK IT. and we’re going to rock a wedding together. and i’m way pumped.

  • Priya says:

    Carly! Looks like a fabulous wedding with some stunning work by yourself as always 🙂 Always a pleasure viewing your pictures 🙂

  • Ellee says:

    Holy Cow! I know that groom! Congrats Sam!!!! And fantastic job, Carly!

  • Carol says:

    Something about this set of photos – one of my favorite wedding posts so far!! Just really loving the work and you’re right the energy is obvious – great job capturing it! 🙂

  • Elisabeth Benjamin says:

    You are amazing Carly, seriously amazing photos. Seriously.

  • Kristin Mueller says:

    Have I mentioned that you are amazing? Because you are, and these pictures are just a tiny little proof of that fact. Everything looks beautiful, and now I really wish I had been there.

    Also, I want you to shoot my wedding. Not that I’m getting married any time soon, but I’ll just keep you in the reserve box for the time being.

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