Krystal+Kevin | Woodinville, WA Engagement

Woodinville, WA.

When Krystal+Kevin contacted me about their December wedding, I was all too eager to meet up with them in person. After our initial Skype conversation, I knew it was destiny that we found each other. I can hang out with them for hours, they’re just that awesome. Both are officers in the Airforce and spend a lot of time apart but you’d never know with the amount of chemistry these two share. So much sweetness, so much laughter.¬†Funny enough, Krystal went to the same high school that I attended, so we played around our hometown of Woodinville and created these photos.

Based on what they told me about their wedding at the Pickering Barn, I know it’s going to end up being one we’ll remember for a very long time.

By the way, this entire session was shot with the 24mm/f1.4. Gosh, I love that lens…

Update: Krystal+Kevin’s wedding story is now up!

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  • Kali Pettersen says:

    ZOMG… Her hair is freaking out of control gorgeous. I hate to do this, but she is reminiscent of Victoria from the Twilight series; with her wild bouncing red curls, running through the woods. But, it’s absolutely beautiful.

    If I have red-head girls, I want them to look like her.

  • Sharron Springs says:

    Beautiful pictures, very handsome couple. My niece is so beautiful, I love those curls.

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