Krystal+Kevin | Woodinville, WA Engagement

Woodinville, WA.

When Krystal+Kevin contacted me about their December wedding, I was all too eager to meet up with them in person. After our initial Skype conversation, I knew it was destiny that we found each other. I can hang out with them for hours, they’re just that awesome. Both are officers in the Airforce and spend a lot of time apart but you’d never know with the amount of chemistry these two share. So much sweetness, so much laughter. Funny enough, Krystal went to the same high school that I attended, so we played around our hometown of Woodinville and created these photos.

Based on what they told me about their wedding at the Pickering Barn, I know it’s going to end up being one we’ll remember for a very long time.

By the way, this entire session was shot with the 24mm/f1.4. Gosh, I love that lens…

Update: Krystal+Kevin’s wedding story is now up!

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  • Kali Pettersen says:

    ZOMG… Her hair is freaking out of control gorgeous. I hate to do this, but she is reminiscent of Victoria from the Twilight series; with her wild bouncing red curls, running through the woods. But, it’s absolutely beautiful.

    If I have red-head girls, I want them to look like her.

  • Sharron Springs says:

    Beautiful pictures, very handsome couple. My niece is so beautiful, I love those curls.

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