Reynolds Family | Long Beach, CA

Long Beach, CA.

This session took place during my visit to California last month. I have a lot of family members in Long Beach so Stacy, my cousin, was really excited to schedule a session with me. It’s been 12 years since my last visit to California, so it made it that much more special. The last time I visited, Stacy and Eric were newly engaged and I was attending her bridal shower. Back then, I wanted to be a musician and I played my guitar for everyone at her party… So embarrassing to look back on…

But the session couldn’t have come at a better moment, as Stacy+Eric are preparing to adopt their second child. Oliver, their son, is wild, rambunctious, and full of dimply smiles. I could have photographed him all day.

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  • Stacy Deeble-Reynolds says:

    Oh, Carly. I know I keep telling you how talented you are, but seeing these photos has me teary eyed. They captured my little family so well, and only you could have done that. Oliver still talks about you and wonders when he will see you next…
    Next time you and George want to come to CA for a visit, you must stay w/ us again and we will have the back room (the one attached to the garage) ready for you.
    Thanks for spending so much time w/ me too. Love you girlie.

  • Elizabeth says:

    AWESOME pictures of an awesome family. 🙂

  • michelle s. says:

    You are AMAZING.


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