Tom+Aaron | Seattle, WA Funky Wedding

Seattle, WA.

This was a very special wedding. Special because Tom+Aaron have become really great friends. Special because it was the first EastLake wedding I’ve had the opportunity to photograph. And special because Tom+Aaron are incredible, loving, and sweet people. It was amazing to witness the number of people that came to support their marriage, filling their small venue to the brim, leaving absolutely no room to breathe but the love-saturated air that overwhelmed that tiny space. And wow! All the hand-crafted details that Aaron created to make their day so beautiful. The stationary, the fabric and lace flower belt she wore, the bridesmaids’ necklaces, the gorgeous tapestry that hung above the altar…

Aaron, you’re amazing. And Tom… You’re cool too. 🙂

Very thankful to have Jeramie Shoda with me for this one. Quite a few of his frames are thrown into the mix. The man is a machine. #Shodadontsleep

Be sure to check out Aaron+Tom’s engagement photos if you haven’t already. Such a stellar duo.

Getting Ready – Watertown Hotel | Hair – Shyn Midili of Pacific Artistry (Hire her! She’s amazing!) | Makeup – Bride | Venue – Urban Light Studios | Dress – A random find at Champagne Taste in Kirkland, WA |DJ – Darren Hanson | Videography – Kyle Bish | Catering – Guest | Cake Pops & Desserts – Groom’s sister

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