Ayla + Christina / Couple’s Hiking Shoot through West Defiance

SM_Ayla-Christina-2 SM_Ayla-Christina-8 SM_Ayla-Christina-9 SM_Ayla-Christina-10 SM_Ayla-Christina-7 SM_Ayla-Christina-13 SM_Ayla-Christina-14 SM_Ayla-Christina-17 SM_Ayla-Christina-20 SM_Ayla-Christina-21 SM_Ayla-Christina-23 SM_Ayla-Christina-24 SM_Ayla-Christina-25 SM_Ayla-Christina-26 SM_Ayla-Christina-29 SM_Ayla-Christina-30 SM_Ayla-Christina-32 SM_Ayla-Christina-34 SM_Ayla-Christina-38 SM_Ayla-Christina-42 SM_Ayla-Christina-43 SM_Ayla-Christina-46 SM_Ayla-Christina-50 SM_Ayla-Christina-56 SM_Ayla-Christina-57 SM_Ayla-Christina-58 SM_Ayla-Christina-59 SM_Ayla-Christina-62 SM_Ayla-Christina-63 SM_Ayla-Christina-64 SM_Ayla-Christina-68 SM_Ayla-Christina-70 SM_Ayla-Christina-72 SM_Ayla-Christina-73 SM_Ayla-Christina-75 SM_Ayla-Christina-76 SM_Ayla-Christina-80 SM_Ayla-Christina-81 SM_Ayla-Christina-83 SM_Ayla-Christina-87 SM_Ayla-Christina-88 SM_Ayla-Christina-89 SM_Ayla-Christina-90 SM_Ayla-Christina-93 SM_Ayla-Christina-94 SM_Ayla-Christina-96 SM_Ayla-Christina-108 SM_Ayla-Christina-109 SM_Ayla-Christina-110 SM_Ayla-Christina-115 SM_Ayla-Christina-117 SM_Ayla-Christina-123 SM_Ayla-Christina-125 SM_Ayla-Christina-126 SM_Ayla-Christina-129 SM_Ayla-Christina-130 SM_Ayla-Christina-133 SM_Ayla-Christina-134 SM_Ayla-Christina-135 SM_Ayla-Christina-140 SM_Ayla-Christina-144 SM_Ayla-Christina-145 SM_Ayla-Christina-147 SM_Ayla-Christina-151 SM_Ayla-Christina-160 SM_Ayla-Christina-174 SM_Ayla-Christina-175 SM_Ayla-Christina-181 SM_Ayla-Christina-182 SM_Ayla-Christina-186 SM_Ayla-Christina-192 SM_Ayla-Christina-193 These two beauties are the kind of people you can easily get addicted to spending time with… Every weekend is a new adventure and it was truly an honor to join them for this one. George and I packed up Theo and we went on a quiet and wondrous hike through West Defiance, in the fog and the rain. We know A + C from our church community. Ayla has always greeted us with the biggest smile and hug every time we see her and Christina’s mesmerizing singing voice has brought me to tears on multiple occasions. To watch their relationship blossom and grow has been a privilege to everyone who encounters them and they’re a perfect answer to why I choose to follow Jesus. Love is why. Love, love, love.

Many thanks to Shyn with Pacific Brides for A + C’s hair and makeup! We were all soggy by the end, but as usual, your unparalleled talents held up!

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