Kristi + Ford / Sunset Engagement in Vantage, Washington

SM_Kristi-Ford-8 SM_Kristi-Ford-10 SM_Kristi-Ford-14 SM_Kristi-Ford-18 SM_Kristi-Ford-27 SM_Kristi-Ford-26 SM_Kristi-Ford-28 SM_Kristi-Ford-30 SM_Kristi-Ford-35 SM_Kristi-Ford-47 SM_Kristi-Ford-43 SM_Kristi-Ford-50 SM_Kristi-Ford-54 SM_Kristi-Ford-62 SM_Kristi-Ford-63 SM_Kristi-Ford-65 SM_Kristi-Ford-66 SM_Kristi-Ford-67 SM_Kristi-Ford-77 SM_Kristi-Ford-84 SM_Kristi-Ford-87 SM_Kristi-Ford-94 SM_Kristi-Ford-95 SM_Kristi-Ford-103 SM_Kristi-Ford-105 SM_Kristi-Ford-109 SM_Kristi-Ford-111 SM_Kristi-Ford-112 SM_Kristi-Ford-116 SM_Kristi-Ford-117 SM_Kristi-Ford-122 SM_Kristi-Ford-128 SM_Kristi-Ford-130 SM_Kristi-Ford-133 SM_Kristi-Ford-136 SM_Kristi-Ford-137 SM_Kristi-Ford-139 SM_Kristi-Ford-146 SM_Kristi-Ford-148 SM_Kristi-Ford-153 SM_Kristi-Ford-165 SM_Kristi-Ford-166 SM_Kristi-Ford-172 SM_Kristi-Ford-176 SM_Kristi-Ford-180 SM_Kristi-Ford-184 SM_Kristi-Ford-186 SM_Kristi-Ford-191 SM_Kristi-Ford-194 SM_Kristi-Ford-198 SM_Kristi-Ford-200 SM_Kristi-Ford-201 SM_Kristi-Ford-208 SM_Kristi-Ford-212 SM_Kristi-Ford-214 SM_Kristi-Ford-215 SM_Kristi-Ford-226 SM_Kristi-Ford-220 SM_Kristi-Ford-221 SM_Kristi-Ford-228 SM_Kristi-Ford-235 SM_Kristi-Ford-236 SM_Kristi-Ford-237 A couple weeks ago, I met up with these two lovies three hours east of Seattle in a beautiful little spot called Vantage, Washington. We explored the terrain (while watching our every step for rattlesnakes) and let the sun go down over us. It was magical and has me so very excited to capture their wedding this August. I love it when couples are up for taking their engagement photos to the next level and game to go somewhere they haven’t been. Those unexplored areas really make you present with each other and I think you can feel that in this set.

Kristi’s makeup by Jenna of Iris&Gold.


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