Katie + Ryan / Mountain Engagement in Sunrise, Washington

SM_Katie-Ryan-CBP-5 SM_Katie-Ryan-CBP-9 SM_Katie-Ryan-CBP-10 SM_Katie-Ryan-CBP-16 SM_Katie-Ryan-CBP-23 SM_Katie-Ryan-CBP-21 SM_Katie-Ryan-CBP-25 SM_Katie-Ryan-CBP-28 SM_Katie-Ryan-CBP-32 SM_Katie-Ryan-CBP-35 SM_Katie-Ryan-CBP-43 SM_Katie-Ryan-CBP-51 SM_Katie-Ryan-CBP-47 SM_Katie-Ryan-CBP-54 SM_Katie-Ryan-CBP-55 SM_Katie-Ryan-CBP-56 SM_Katie-Ryan-CBP-70 SM_Katie-Ryan-CBP-91 SM_Katie-Ryan-CBP-89 SM_Katie-Ryan-CBP-78 SM_Katie-Ryan-CBP-81 SM_Katie-Ryan-CBP-128 SM_Katie-Ryan-CBP-151 SM_Katie-Ryan-CBP-96 SM_Katie-Ryan-CBP-100 SM_Katie-Ryan-CBP-111 SM_Katie-Ryan-CBP-116 SM_Katie-Ryan-CBP-154 SM_Katie-Ryan-CBP-165 SM_Katie-Ryan-CBP-167 SM_Katie-Ryan-CBP-173 SM_Katie-Ryan-CBP-182 SM_Katie-Ryan-CBP-189 SM_Katie-Ryan-CBP-200 SM_Katie-Ryan-CBP-204 SM_Katie-Ryan-CBP-206 SM_Katie-Ryan-CBP-207 SM_Katie-Ryan-CBP-213 SM_Katie-Ryan-CBP-218 SM_Katie-Ryan-CBP-222 I’m a little embarrassed to say in all the years I’ve claimed Washington as home, I’ve never visited Mount Rainier National Park. So when the time came to schedule Katie and Ryan’s photos, I asked them if they were interested in visiting. Like me, Katie is a Seattle native and┬áhad┬ánever been either, so we were all so excited hit the road and capture these images together. Ryan and Katie are getting married at the end of this month and I couldn’t be happier for these two. Their love story is the kind that makes you laugh and also cry (mostly because you’re laughing so hard). Can’t wait to share more of their story with you in the next few weeks!


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