As self-absorbed as I think it is, I just spent the last hour reviewing this blog. Reading posts from the past, commenting to myself, “Gosh, that was stupid” and sometimes, “Carly–that was good. I don’t know where that came from… but man, that was good.”

Well, I was thinking about some of the key people in my life right now and I thought it might be a good idea if I described them in short, but clear, detail.

So, in no particular order, I will begin with:

Sarah: she went with me, last minute, to see my little brother’s play at the high school. Everyone else had other plans, but Sarah, she was right there for me. After getting home, we talked for nearly two hours online about things we have never cared to discuss before. I’ve known Sarah since she was in the third grade, although we didn’t really start to hang out until the end of junior high. Leah is her older sister, but that’s totally unrelated. I’ve watched Sarah grow so much in the last year… In the last two months, actually. She amazes me every time I talk to her. I learn something new. I gain some sort of wisdom; a piece of knowledge; and growth in my own faith.

Ryan: simply put, I’ve never met anyone like him. Not even close, actually. He’s gone to New Brunswick for Bible College and I miss him “right good.” Nevermind, only he’ll get it–he’s practically the only one who reads this darn thing. I definitely miss Ryan a lot and he’s helped me work out a lot of my recent issues. He’s used up at least two phone cards talking to me about how stupid I’m acting and how badly I need to relax and practice the faith which I supposedly have in Jesus. I’m SO excited for him to come down for Christmas Eve Eve Mudfootball at my house. I’ve already got first dibs on him! He’s on my team! Tap tap! No erase-ies! Ha!

Stephanie: far, far away at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma. She going through a lot of unnecessary drama right now and I feel terrible because she really doesn’t deserve any of it. I’ll be honest, but I feel like she’s making all the wrong decisions and no matter what I say to try and steer her in the right direction, things just won’t go my way. I love her dearly–she’s one of the only people I know who has the same sense of humor I do. With a large group of people, if one of us is laughing, so is the other, but 98% of the time, no one else in the room is.

Honestly, I was hoping to write more… but it’s nearly 2:30 in the morning and I’m really starting to feel the sting in my eyes… I’ll add to the list later today.

Good night.

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