My neck hurts, my eyes hurt, my arms hurt, my ankles hurt… everything hurts.

Tonight, my body was thrown around, battered about, squeezed, tightened, and pulled–and it was all done by me.

It was awesome. Opening was a band called Str8 & Narrow–I hate the way they spell their name, but what can I say? They were all very talented; basically your typical Hoobastank/Incubus wannabes, except with a Christian foundation and worshipful lyrics. Very nice. Second up, PAX217. I actually got them on film. The video is going to be gruesome and painful, but that’s not my fault. I couldn’t hold still. Not for that. There’s no friggin’ way I would be able to control my body for that one. It was incredible. And lastly, the OC Supertones. They were fine. I’ve seen them do it before. Usually for a bigger crowd. It was still great. The lead singer is definitely fun to watch. Got lots of their stuff on film too. I figure Leah would have me hanged if I didn’t get some footage of them.

Oh Bremerton,

How do I love thee?

Allow me to count how many shows I will see in your borders, and that’s how much I love thee.

Especially Charlotte Ann’s restaurant next door. I highly recommend the meatball soup. Yum.

Lauren is extraordinarily cool. I have lots of fun hanging with her. We’re already at the point where if neither of us is talking, it’s ok. No big deal. No one needs to be talking. We’ll just travel along in silence. You know that point? Where your comfortable level becomes fulfilled in some way, that by just sitting or walking together in silence is enough. No words necessary.

Travis is great. Love Travis. Couldn’t love that boy more. He’s gonna make a great husband someday. Whoever he marries will be incredibly blessed/lucky to have scored him. He’s so good. And I know most guys hate this statement, but: he’s such a nice guy. Beautiful heart.

I miss Ryan. Ryan, the only one who “comments” on nearly all my recent posts. Usually, he would be with us going to these shows, or hanging out at Travis’ new place, or doing whatever. He would normally be there. I wish I would be ok with him not being here, but I’m really not. It’s not ok. I wouldn’t be surprised if I cried when he comes back home. As I see him come out of the airport tunnel, I’m gonna break down. I’ll be smiling, of course, but I know I’m gonna break down. I’m not completely made of stone. In fact, I think I’m rather soft and mushy.

One of the things that I love the most, I cannot do, simply because I don’t have a guy friend who would do it with and still be appropriate. I love cuddling. Cuddling with guys is such a nice thing for me. Rarely done it, but when I have… I love it so much. But if I did that with some guy friend, people would either think we were dating, or the guy himself would think I liked him. Well, I am here to say that I just like that act of cuddling, not the guy himself. Of course, I wouldn’t cuddle with some guy I despised, but if I know him, and he’s a friend, then I would like to… But still, I can’t. And of course, with a guy I DO like then things are definitely looked at differently in the whole cuddling genre. Did I just use the term “genre” with cuddling? Dude, it’s really late… I need to go to sleep.

I miss Leah too. I just saw her last weekend though, so I’ve had my dosage for the month. However, I still miss her like all-get-out. I can’t wait to go see her over Thanksgiving. That’s gonna be awesome.

Anyways, I’m off to bed. It was a late show, and a late night, and I have an early life… So, good night, and dream sweetly.

Oh yeah, and I miss Alex too… But I think I’ll talk about him later.

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