In a large crowd of onlookers, our small party of five was the flavor added to what seemed to be a very plain, very bland combination of people. Nonetheless, last night was incredibly fun and great and generally speaking, beautiful. I loved every minute of it.

Noise Ratchett opened, playing six incredible compositions with lyrics I could clearly hear, despite the bass on overdrive and the guitars heavily distorted. I bought the CD and a button. I was thoroughly impressed.

Switchfoot came out and like a giddy teeny-bopper, I jumped up and down at the sight of them. They played an amazing set and came back with an encore of two songs. They ended with Underwater, a fantastic song from their first album, my favorite album.

My friends were incredible and I fell more deeply in love with each of them as the night wore on. I’m not quite sure as to why. Suddenly, I was thinking about how much I cared for each of them; how wonderful they are; how much more fanstastic they make my life by being in it; how they all have qualities that make me want to be a better person.

The show was a good one.

The night was a clear one.

The dinner was an unhealthy one.

My life is a blessed one.

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