Shall I go on?

The truth is, Christians suck. And no, I’m not going to apologize. How often in your life have you met someone truly representing Jesus in the way God would want them to? In your life, how often have you seen Jesus shining in the faces of His believers? Once? Perhaps twice? Groups of kids from bible camp don’t count and neither do the hosts of the 700 Club. They’re all delightful and I give them props for whatever bible thumping they do. But we don’t know who they are.

Whoever he is, she is, why are we obsessed with their sin? We trail their actions the same way the papparazzi oogles for a shot of J-Lo. Which is disgusting.

They? They are the people we care about most. Those we worry about and wish the best for. They are our friends and our family. The ones we do know and have a personal relationship with. The people who expect only one thing from me every single day, and that is to love them. For who they are. Not for what right choices they made the day before and not for the wrong ones they’ll make tomorrow.

And I’m not perfect. In no way do I feel I exemplify Christ in an ideal fashion. Right now, I am hungry, thirsty, and dissatisfied in my spiritual walk. Having confessed this, I naturally predict a flood of hands and arms, ready to embrace me and remind me of God’s eternal grace.

This, I do not need. Nor do I want.

Instead of a hug and expected, “So what’s new with you?” which I (being completely truthful) read as an obligated act of the church and a way to discover the reasons behind my “falling astray”, I would rather you run up to me with your tongue hanging out of your mouth, shouting, “Dude, where have you been? Give it to me straight so I can go gossip up a storm and screw the whole story up!”

I spend my days looking for people (Christian and non) who genuinely wish to just love people. There are people in this world who are seeking a God who will love them exactly as they are, and unfortunately, we are the representatives God has chosen to reveal Himself. Whether or not we choose to act upon this responsibility, it ultimately comes down to accepting those we come into contact with. Realize that our selfish desire for gossip and the reasons why are what stop us from reaching our real goal–

Their hearts. I don’t know how else to put it.

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