The dead silence following that last post is loud and clear.

I’ve made a new friend in the art and auction word. Her name is Janece. Her work can be seen here. And her blog is here.

I sold my “Stairs” painting. Which truly shocked me. The man who bought it is from Santa Barbara, California and his name is Dan. His last name is Kepl. How would you go about pronouncing that name?



Kep? (The “L” is silent.)

It’s really a tough one to call. Honestly, I just want to call him “Dan Kelp,” because when you say it enough, the word “kelp” is really fun to say.

Anyhow. Enough of my banter. I think I have more paintings for sale in my “eBay progress” than I ever have before. And my newest creation is here, if you care to have a gander.

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