Encounter with Beautimous

My room is so cool right now! Dude! I wish everyone could see it! The day before I left for Hawaii, Leah, Ryan, and I went to Ikea to shop for random things and look at all the rooms. I ended up buying some pictures frams and a really cool “tic-tac-toe” shelf! It’s so rad! I put it up and now everything that was lying on my for, ie. books, cd’s, journals, etc., I was able to get off the floor in the first time in months and months and months! My floor is completely visible now! There’s nothing on it! It’s so wonderful! My room is officially mine again! Cassie ruled over it for a while, but now that she is at school, living away from the house, it is mine once more! I cannot describe the happiness I am feeling.

Yeah, so Erin and I went out last night to buy journals and buy magazines and we ran into my dear friend Robbie and, I dunno if I ever really talked about him much, but Kellen. Robbie’s older brother was there too, but I don’t really know him much. Just for the sake of interest, Robbie’s brother’s name is Corey–good name. Anyways, we got in line at TOP Foods to buy some cool mags and they appeared behind us! It was nice because I hadn’t seen Robbie since I left for the Islands and Kellen, well, I haven’t seen him since we graduated. I’ve secretly loved Kellen since sophomore year. I mean, not really LOVED him in that way, but so interested in who we was as a person and such… I find him fascinating. While the rest of my friends find him quiet and boring, I find him mysterious and incredibly funny! I wouldn’t say that I was able to “open” him up or anything because I’m sure he is like that with lots of people. I’ve always been triggered by quiet, shy types. Take for example, RICHARD. Dude, they don’t get any more quiet and mysterious than him! That’s just the type of guy I am attracted to. Not to mention, Kellen is so at ease with who he is. He doesn’t try to be anyone but himself. He doesn’t try to wear really cool clothes or do things that will make him seem cooler. He’s perfectly fine with a pair of jeans, an “Independent” sweatshirt, and vans. He won’t promote the things that he is an amazing talent at either. Like how great he is at the guitar and skateboarding! He can make the most amazing designs with a simple ballpoint pen! And he’s a computer wiz! But he won’t talk about any of those things unless you initiate the subject. He may drop in a few comments, but never anything about what he’s done or how great he is! I love that! He’s so… selfless, I guess one might say. Obviously, I’ve really thought about him a lot. Senior year, I didn’t get to see him or talk to him a whole lot. The people he hung out with didn’t quite strike my fancy. I thought he was better than them, but they were his friends and so I couldn’t make that call. Lemme just say that to see him at TOP was so exciting and I was happy to hear that he would be attending Cascadia next year. I really hope to maybe take some classes with him and Robbie also. They’re such cool guys. Robbie is equally amazing, I must admit. I am crazy about that guy. He’s a great friend. But I’ve always secretly wished for something to happen with Kellen. He’s quiet and mysterious. He’s grown another 6 inches since I last saw him, so he’s really tall which is so nice… He’s incredibly skinny, too! Another PLUS PLUS PLUS in the world that is Carly. Dude, the best part about him is how not-muscular he is. Every other girl I know is turned-off by that. NOT ME! Eww, the more muscular the guy, the grosser it is… to me anyway! The skinnier and less muscular, the better! I guess it’s my PERSONAL ideal and no other girl I know feels that way about guys’ physicality. But I don’t care! It’s just what I like!

So anyways, yesterday was mass fun! Cutting out pictures of magazines and glueing them on the cover of the new journals and such! We watched Shakespeare in Love while we did it too. That was cool, and funny. I am glad for last night–it was simply great in all aspects.

Hang loose, jeffersonair passengers!


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