It’s Nice to Feel Needed, But Not When the Music Stinks…


Today was difficult. I mean, in all honesty, is wasn’t, but it really felt like it was… I met up with a friend who really wanted me to play guitar with him and I thought for a while that I might want to, but after listening to the CD… Well, I decided that the band’s music wasn’t exactly my taste, but I thought, Hey, things might change! I might actually enjoy playing the music! Why not try once? So I did today and it was fun and the guy was impressed with me and thought I would do just fine in the band, but seriously! I did not like the majority of the songs. There were two songs that I liked to play and could play well, but they actually had a normal rhythm to them. All the rest of the songs were so crazy! The beats were ALWAYS changing and I felt like I was playing five or six different songs all mooshed into one big one! I never knew where it was going and most of the time I just became angry! Angry and/or frustrated! Not with the guy but with the song(s)!!! So on my why home, all I could think of was how bad I felt for feeling the way that I did. I knew I was gonna have to tell him that I couldn’t do it. Of course, I don’t wanna tell him for the reason, “I just think your songs suck…” So I’ve decided to wait a coupla days, call him up, and tell him I simply cannot do the band because of school coming up and the heavy load that’ll be on my shoulders with homework and such… Hopefully, mom and pop will feel that it is the right decision, that way I can also say, “Hey, parents orders,” and be done with it. He’s such a cool guy, though, I hate to bail on him.

Well, that’s what happened in my area. Here’s what’s happening in your “neck of the woods…” … … Whatever that means. carly.

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