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Ok! Cassie’s wedding is in less that four weeks, and I’m nervous! Me! Why?!? I don’t know why! Maybe because it’s my sister’s wedding and I’m a bridesmaid and I haven’t worn a dress since I was five and I’m totally paranoid about what my arms look like in a strapless prom looking thing that my mom calls a “gown”.

If I swore, I probably would right about now, but I don’t, so I have to settle with saying “fudge” over and over again with absolute articulation because people might think that I was saying something else and cause them to think to themselves, (if they knew me, anway), Dude, I thought she was a Christian… And that’s not cool.

So tomorrow is the senior Awards Ceremony where everyone from the class of 2002 and their parents gathers in a crowded auditorium to watch everyone receive some kind of an award except for myself. I think everbody should get some sort of award so that they are encouraged, even if it’s really small. For example,

“Our next award goes to Bobby Boberson for blinking more often than anyone else in his class!” Seriously, I would give that person a standing ovasion. I could never get that type of award!

I will be out of school on the 13th, both in College and in High School. I’ve begun to count the days. Of course, (and you’ll all probably hate me for saying this), I hate the weekends because I have absolutely nothing to do. I long for school to come back every time Friday night hits because I couldn’t possibly have an entertaining weekend.

Wow… I can totally feel my self-pity in this post. I should stop. I feel kinda pathetic, and normally I don’t… So… I’m gonna go now.

*This is your Captain speaking… Pity me. Please, please pity me!!! … . . .. . … . .. .Ok, you can stop now.

Thanks again for choosing jeffersonair.

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