Senior Ceremonies are the Pits

Ok, so this blog hasn’t exactly been the most interesting to read lately… I’m SORRY!!! It’s just that I’ve been so busy and my classes are getting harder, and… Well, you know how it is!

So, I’m kinda sticking to the downlow at the moment due to the fact that senior ceremonies for school are drawing nearer and I literally want to stay invisible in the whole mess. Prom is on June 1st and obviously, I won’t be attending. Even if someone did ask me to go, it would be mass too late to buy a dress and have all the preparations and there’s no way that I am going to the prom by myself. No way! Honestly, I don’t really wanna go, but I can’t help but feel a little bad because I know my kids are gonna ask me one day what prom was like, (just like I asked my parents), and they’re going to be so bummed when I tell them I didn’t go! (Just like I was disappointed to know that neither of my parents went!) So… besides that, it’s kinda a good thing that I am not going, because the whole thing is rather depressing to me. I’m not dating anyone and none of my guy friends want to take me and the fact that I look terrible in a dress doesn’t exactly lift my spirits either. And then of course, there’s the senior graduation ceremony which I’ve heard is one of the most boring experiences ever! And I’ll be totally honest, one of the things I hate the absolute most is sitting, doing nothing, and looking at the clock every other second to see if it’s “almost over” yet. I hate that!!! It’s the worst! Bordome sucks… It really, really sucks…

Anyways, I haven’t anything meaningful to say at the moment.

I guess, the only thing that I can think of is something that has been etched in my mind since Saturday, and it’s this:

May the Force be with you….


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