I took my brother and his friend Miles to Game Crazy today because they both had things to trade in for money. I saw something on the display and I picked it up. It was a cube-like structure that could open and close, just like a cell phone or a mini-laptop.

“What is this?” I ask.

My brother quickly states, “That’s the newest Gameboy Advanced SP.”

“Oh…” I open it and note all its features. Four buttons on the right side and the normal button shaped like a plus-sign on the left. It looks no different than a regular Gameboy except for the fact that it can open and close. “What makes this better than a regular Gameboy Advanced?”

“Uh… Well…” my brother stammered. But lucky for him, the Game Crazy employee guy was able to answer my question.

“It’s got a light!” the man says with a big grin.

“A light?” I ask.

“Yeah! It’s got a LIGHT!” he says again, emphasis on the word “light.”

A light. That’s it. A light. All the difference. One-hundred bucks for a Gameboy with a light.

“That’s it? A light?!” I say, eyes wide.

“Well… It’s a really nice feature to have…” he tries.

OH! Well then! Here’s $100 and a big fat smile! I’ve been DYING, just DYING, for a Gameboy with a…


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