Usually, I have something to say around this time of day. It’s a little after noon, I left my psychology class early, checked my email, talked to a couple friends online… Yet nothing. I’ve nothing to lend this rather “pointless but ongoing” published piece of literary work hobby. One of two things is occurring. Either a) nothing’s on my mind or b) too many things are on my mind. I tend to believe it’s the latter. Whoever has nothing on their mind must surely be dead.

It’s times like these when I realize, I just need to… FREE-WRITE!!! Be prepared for a good time.

My alarm went off at 8:00 am this morning, which was funny because I had set it for 7:45 am. So I really don’t know what happened or whether or not I turned off my alarm and just continued to sleep or if it had never happened at all. It’s never easy to to tell.


I’ve been thinking about birds. And now that I have my old car back, which me and my friends nicknamed “The Duck” way-back-when, I think about birds all-the-more. I don’t think we ever really called it “The Duck” very regular either. It was just “The Duck” but really it was “Carly’s Car” or “Carly’s Corolla” or “Bishop’s ride” and other things similar to that. So birds. There were two this morning. Canadians. Geese. Staring at the cars going by and I thought it would have been somewhat funny and somewhat evil if they decided to fly across right when a car went by. I know, I can be really cynical and disturbing sometimes.

I think it comes from hanging out with my brother too much because he watched japanimation cartoons a lot and those have a lot of violence, even though it’s kind of mild. My brother has Spring Break right now, but my Spring Break was two weeks ago. So I have to keep going to school while he has to stay at home. At the same time, it’s ok because he doesn’t have a car and can’t go anywhere. On the other hand, I do have a car and I chauffer him around all the time because we are friends and what are big sisters for, right?

I have lots of homework to do and I feel kinda crappy about it because I’m only taking 12 credits at school now and it should be rather simple. But it’s not. And I’m beginning to see why everyone thought I was so crazy for taking 20 credits every quarter instead of a normal 15. I’m glad I took 20 credits though, because otherwise I wouldn’t be graduating from community college this summer with a two-year degree. It’s so weird to think about the fact that I went to community college my senior year of high school, because I’ll be graduating from Cascadia the same time as the kids who are 2001 high school graduates. And I’m a 2002 high school graduate. So I guess that means I’m ahead of “the game”. What is “the game”, anyway? I never really knew, but I guess everyone else understands when that phrase is used and I figure I understand enough to make it count.

I don’t miss high school, but I miss the course load. And the teachers were, for the most part, a whole lot more easier. Like my english teacher, Mrs. Clark. And my art teacher, Mrs. Saad. And even my US History teacher, Mr. Maegher, who no one liked. Although, I liked him because he said I “set the standard” when it came to projects for the class. And I guess that made me “class pet” and everyone didn’t like me because that meant they had to work even harder to “meet the standard” and no one really wants to work hard to get a good grade. Everyone would much rather lounge around and turn in a couple papers every once in a while. I can understand that.

Alright. I figure 15 minutes of free-writing is enough. Hope you can make some sense out of it. There’s an obvious difference in style and voice, that I can see. And now, I must go eat. Maybe I’ll go find myself a mince pie.

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