Has anyone ever reached a point in their financial life where they felt infinite? Or limitless? Like it didn’t matter how much you spent, you’d always have enough and you’d always have more coming in? I have felt that way for the last two months and it all stopped today. Two months ago, I was secure and had saved up a healthy sum in my checking account. I’d even contributed quite a bit into my savings and I was very proud of that.

Wow. Just as soon as I finished that last sentence, my mom called me.

“I’ve been meaning to tell you…”

“Yeah, mom?”

“You went a little crazy on your cell phone while you were in California.”


“You owe me $105 dollars in cell phone charges.”


I can’t afford that. I have less than a tenth of what I had two months ago. And now I can’t even pay back my mom for the fees for which I’m due. However! There is some good news. I’ll be babysitting this Thursday and Friday and housesitting two weeks from now. Everything I have lost spent will come flooding back to me somehow, all credit to God, because I know it’s Him who provides it all to me. I also went back to that espresso drive-thru stand and talked to one of the ladies who owns it. Her name was Lynn and she was very friendly and was very interested in my appeal to work. Apparently, my name and phone number, which the girl had written on the white board last week, had been erased and no one was able to get a hold of me. So, persistence, as my sister has been trying to tell me, is key. Lynn took my name and number again and said she or her sister would get a hold of me by the end of the week.

Hopefully, that will become a good source of income. She said tips range anywhere from $60 to $200 a day. That, to me, is incredible. Any tips are good tips.

So, while I’m completely freaked out about money and worried it’s all going to go away, things just start flooding in or the potential of things, anyway. Not to mention, there’s another cafe stand at Home Depot I’ve been thinking about. However, I’m only going to keep it in mind for when I think I can work two jobs instead of just the one espresso stand. When I can go to school full-time, work part-time, and be happy at the same time… maybe that’s when I’ll actually think about getting a second part-time job.

Basically, I’m worried about finances and savings and everything that has to do with money. At the same time, I’m not concerned about what will happen to me or what it’s going to take to survive on my own. I feel completely confident in who I am and what it’s going to take of me to do well as an independent adult. I realize I’m going to make mistakes and probably find myself in some very difficult situations, but I’m ready for it. Even if I’m not ready, I know I’ll get through. Because God won’t stand by and watch me sink. Maybe I’ll get stuck, but I know He won’t let me sink.

Time to take my guitar down to that corner at Starbuck’s and see what change I can’t collect from people passing by.

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