I give you my Introduction to Logic class:

At the table to my left are two guys. One in a white fleece who is diligently taking notes and often likes to ask questions that requires the professor to repeat exactly what he just said 30 seconds ago. The other is a guy dressed in his finest Nordstrom attire. He rests one cheek on his right fist and stares menacingly at the overhead. He thinks, I could be shopping right now…

To my right is Luke, working on the homework from last night. He rubs his forehead with his left hand while occasionally flipping back a couple pages in his text. His mouth is always turned up in a teeth-baring smile, similar to that of Jerry Seinfeld, and I’m beginning to think it’s because he’s always nervous about whether or not the professor is going to call on him for an answer.

In front of me is a wide variety of characters.

The first I see is a hefty male with a bright shirt that has a drawing of two chipmunks humping each other. On Tuesday, he wore a kilt–I’d say today was an improvement. Across from him is a younger looking guy, trim with really nice hair, who has a shirt with the phrase “Mullet Boy” written across the chest. He has no mullet himself and I am thankful for this.

Behind them is a table of four girls and one guy. The guy clings desperately to the edge of the table, trying to appear detached from his female company. In attempt to appear more independent and manly, he only appears awkward. One of the girls with him looks as though she just woke up, a feeling I can relate to immensely. Another girl could be ready to walk the runway, all she’s missing is the Versace gown. The third girl is a woman about 35 or 38 in age and she is dressed in a mint-green sweater with knitted sleeves and with her hair pulled up in pig-tails. And the fourth girl looks normal, like the type who works at the local Starbucks. She likes her job and she doesn’t seem to mind this class–life is good.

Lastly, there is a table of four guys, all generically similar in looks. However, one stands out above the rest. His name is Julian.

Julian is my favorite class member. Well-spoken and intelligent, he dresses sharp but with a casual style. His elongated face compliments his beautiful white teeth. His dark-brown skin makes his eyes stand out all-the-more. Everything he says is well-thought-out and precise, while he’s not afraid to ask a question, revealing his uncertainties. He’s humble, he tries hard, and I have so much respect for that.

These are the observations I made in class today. Random yes, but that’s what I do.

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