I feel rather foolish at the moment. Most of you know that I am an avid Jason Kill enthusiast. He posted something yesterday supposedly tongue-in-cheek, however I took it rather seriously. How dare he even propose the idea of changing the format of his blog?! Even if he had no intensions to do so in the first place, just thinking about it makes me mad. So of course, being me, I don’t restrain my tongue (or fingers, for that matter) all too well. With that as my excuse, I commented this pathetic, girl-with-a-crush confession for everyone to read. At the time, I didn’t care, but now I’m ready to crawl into fetal position and not blog for… a week? Maybe two?

Just the other day, I was writing a note to a friend and I was complaining about how my writing professors don’t critique or offer enough suggestions as I’d like. I want to be as great at writing as I possibly can be, but how can I expect improvement without proper instruction? So, as I wrote to this friend, and complained and ranted, I mentioned something that totally caught me off guard.

“I mean, I’m glad I seem so perfect when it comes to voice and having correct grammar. But c’mon! I’m NO Jason Killingsworth!”

Why do I feel like I’ve just released yet another embarrassing confession?

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