It’s a go.

Both my professors from my Acting and Philosophy classes, have agreed to help me finish this quarter early. I’ll be taking my last Philosophy test a day early and my Acting prof is going to allow me to do a completely seperate final than everyone else. While everyone works on a final performance, I’ll be working on something totally independent from it. No one to consider, no one to argue over what would be best, no one to tell me what I ought to do. Just me. This is going to be one fantastic finale to the quarter.

And sometime in the evening of March 19th, I’ll be on a Canadian airplane heading east. They’ll serve me a tiny pack of trailmix with my choice of drinks. I’ll be happy as the sun disappears quickly behind me, losing four hours of time but gaining an incredible sensation of hope. Hope for a future. Hope for fellowship. Hope for closeness with God.

Congradulate me. I’m extremely happy.

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