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Sorry for the lack of blog posts lately! It’s been a pretty busy month. While George and I continue to adjust being in Seattle on a very permanent basis, life continues to move along at lightning-fast speed! Not to mention, my brother got married this past Saturday and while I was the official photographer, I was still very much involved in all the family festivities that typically precede a wedding day!

I find myself juggling several new projects which all have me very excited! One in particular will be VERY cool, but I can’t share all the details yet. What I can tell you is that Geneva Diane Designs, upcoming stylist/florist here in Seattle, and I are currently working on a conceptual project and what we’ve come up with is rocking my face! Now we just need to find a local Seattle couple, preferably married who still has their wedding attire, to model for us! So if you’d like the chance to wear your wedding dress again and get fun pictures, please send your names and a photo (preferably a picture from your wedding) to info@carlybish.com to apply.

Meanwhile, I’m honing in on the carlybish photography brand, discovering what it means to be  a “carlybish bride and groom”, and I’m figuring out how I can push through basic expectations by creating an entirely new experience that clients will cherish forever.

Petter+Heidi are a perfect (and dare I say gorgeous?!) example of what a “carlybish bride and groom” looks like and I’m anxious to share their wedding day with you! Their semi-international South Carolina wedding is coming up next! So stay tuned for their falcon-punching awesomeness! It’s THAT serious.

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