Petter+Heidi | Columbia, South Carolina Backyard Wedding

I am in LOVE with this wedding.


I am in LOVE with this Bride and Groom.

Two weekends ago, George and I flew to Columbia, South Carolina to document the love and marital bliss of Petter+Heidi. Even though this wedding took place here in the US, this was the most international wedding I’ve experienced to date! With Heidi’s family being dual citizens in the U.S. and Switzerland (her mom grew up in French Guiana) and Petter’s family being dual citizens in Australia and Finland (and his parents residing in Thailand)–does it get any more international than that?!

The emotion just flowed from everyone at this wedding. Even Heidi’s dad, who everyone swore wouldn’t cry, shed beautiful tears when he saw his baby girl in her wedding dress. And it was the most touching thing I have ever witnessed. And it’s no wonder Heidi was drawn to Petter, as he possesses the same tenderheartedness (yup! It’s a word!) that I truly believe is the mark of someone SO special.

I’ll just say it. When Petter read his personal vows to Heidi during the ceremony, I bawled like a baby. And it felt so good.

Okay! So let’s start!

How cute is Heidi in one of Petter’s flannel shirts?! Pretty frakin’ cute, if you ask me!

Meanwhile… Up and down and not across, Petter!

Pretty proud of this one…

I can’t get over the sweetness. So, so beautiful…

Okay. So this was a surprise, even to me! After Heidi was ready to meet Petter for their “First Look,” there to escort her was a Rolls Royce, loaned from a friend! Was she excited? YES! Was I excited?! Uhm, DOY!

I love it when a groom refuses to hold back what he’s feeling in that moment. Petter was not afraid to show how he felt about Heidi, even before he turned around to see her for the first time that day…

I have to give props to this amazing bridal party as well. They were all so much fun. In spite of the unbelievable South Carolina heat, everyone kept such great attitudes! I mean, even the Australians were sweatin’ but there wasn’t a complaint in the house! Everyone had a blast!

This wedding was overwhelmingly spiritual. If you remember Petter+Heidi’s engagement shoot, we found a location with a beautiful tree to tie into their ceremony site, where they were married under what looked like two trees that melded together at the base. I really believe it’s those great details that tell a couple’s story so well. To top it off, Heidi+Petter did all their own flowers, hanging beautiful mason jars with floral arrangements from the tree itself. Just gorgeous…

After the ceremony, we made our way to The Jasmine House for the reception. Once again, we were wow’d by Petter+Heidi’s awesome DIY goodness. The variety of cupcakes that decorated the reception tables were almost overwhelming! Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting? Snickerdoodle? Chocolate with ghirardelli icing? Uh, yeah… Sign me up!

A makeshift dance floor was brought in and its small size didn’t slow anyone down…

Oh, how I just LOVE a wedding where everyone celebrates, laughs, and has a great time! But of course, I have to end this on a sweet note… Petter+Heidi, you were so accommodating on that wonderful weekend. Thank you so much for including us on your gorgeous day, for trusting us, and encouraging us in this little dream of ours…

Hair – Unique Hair Designs
Dress – David’s Bridal (A shocker for me! This was the LAST place I expected!)
Jewelry – Antique pearls and earrings from Heidi’s grandmother
Bridesmaid Dresses – JCrew
Ceremony Venue – A friend’s backyard!
Reception – The Jasmine House

/     /     /     /     /     /     /     /     /     /     /     /     /     /     /     /     /     /     /     /    /     /     /     /     /

Behind the scenes…

Setting up the “ring shot” isn’t as easy as it looks… Just sayin’… 😉

George and his 50mm… It’s a love that will stand the test of time…

Oh my goodness, I never sweat so much in my life as I did at this wedding! I was soaked through by the end of the ceremony… Do you see how lobster-esque I am in this picture? Thank goodness George and I swam in a sea of SPF50 that day… The flight home would have been terrible without it! 😛

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  • oh, how i love a good southern wedding. well, a good international southern wedding, i guess? 🙂 beautiful shots as always. looks like it was an incredibly special day to be a part of!

  • Faith says:

    Incredible shots….love love love them all. What a gorgeous setting, the tree with the double trunk….what a statement. I love the shots, GREAT work.

  • Petter Klar says:

    Definitely my favourite post on this blog to date.. Although I might be a little bias. 😉
    Amazing photos for sure, and the best photographers I have ever had! You guys made the experience so so great!
    LOVE IT! 🙂

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