Spider Monkey!

So I’ve been working on Robert&Kayleigh’s photos all week and I cannot wait to get a blog post up here to show you! I think I’d already have one up except I’ve been having some technical issues with my computer. It should come as no surprise given that it’s nearly six years old and it was never meant to handle the volume of high resolution photos I’ve asked it to process on a daily basis. However, I’m making it work for me and I know God will eventually bless me with a machine—*cough*MAC*cough*—and I’ll continue this journey with more ease. Until then, I’ll make due with what I’ve already been blessed with, which is a semi-working computer PERIOD! So amen to that!

I just thought I’d share this photo that George took of me during the wedding from last Saturday. Since we don’t usually have two cameras, we took advantage of the opportunity and got some pictures of each other “at work” throughout various moments of the day. This photo might give you a glimpse into the uniqueness of Robert&Kayleigh’s wedding since I’m standing on the railing of a gazebo. Robert&Kayleigh gave me freedom to move however I needed to capture the photos I wanted. For me, this is pretty much the same feeling any 5-year-old gets when you hand them a plastic bag and tell them to grab whatever they want at the candy store! It was my heaven.

What was surprising to me were the positions I’d sometimes make when shooting—spread legs, inches from the ground, hanging off the edges of docks just feet above the ocean—and I cannot remember actually moving that way. I guess it goes to show when you’re “in your element”, passion just takes over and nothing stops you from getting what you want.

If you’ve booked something with me—particularly weddings—I appreciate the freedom to move. The best part is after about 30 minutes, people become desensitized to my movement and no longer seem aware of where I am, what I’m doing, or how I suddenly climbed that rooftop, scaled that building, or in this case, gazebo.

I'm a spider monkey!

Thanks for bearing with me while I work through these technical issues. I’ll try to have a blog post up for you tomorrow. And I promise, it’ll be worth the wait! 🙂

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  • I *love* seeing you at work!! I agree about the weirdo positions. I was shooting a family by their swimming pool and wasn’t loving the angles so I laid down and had my upper body over the edge of the pool with camera inches above the water. The funny thing is I wasn’t really aware I was doing it until the mom got all concerned that I was getting wet in the pool! hahahaa!!

    I’m happy to hear you’re able to edit and am SO looking forward to the wedding post!!

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