Sonja | Seattle, WA Headshot

I’ve always thrived from encouraging others to pursue their passion, whether that’s photography, making jewelry, writing a novel… I feel like we are the best versions of ourselves when we’re doing exactly what we were created to do in the world.

Sonja is, first and foremost, my dear friend and secondly, she’s been interning for me since the beginning of January and I cannot tell you what a blessing she has been, both personally and professionally. So on a sunny day last month, we took the opportunity to capture some headshots that she can use as she builds her business and her brand. She is so talented and I have been blown away by how much her eye and “voice” has developed in just the last few weeks. She has one of the biggest hearts of anyone I know and she is most definitely one to watch… Check out her website to get to know her and her photography a little better. You will fall in love with her.

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