Photo Adventure | Vantage, WA

In Seattle, “slow season” is almost over for photographers. For me, things slowed down a little but never quite to a full stop. So early last week, after finishing the last thing I had left to deliver, I put a call out in the Twittersphere for anyone “itching to go somewhere” to take photos “for the shear joy of it.” My friends Ryan and Amber jumped on board and the four of us drove east of the Cascades to enjoy the cool tones of Vantage, Washington. The boys did their own thing while Amber and I took way too many photos of each other. Amber was inspiring, with a serious case of “eye fire” and wind ripping through her hair. I can’t tell you how refreshing it was to be in a new environment, taking photos just because. It reminded me of what I love about photography and why I decided to make it my career.

I’m looking forward to doing this again… and again… and again… 🙂

All images taken on D700, 35/f1.4, 85/f1.4 AI-S, and 45T-S/f2.8.

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  • Amber Z says:

    Carly, I just love these! The frames of the twisty sage brush roots are so rich.

    As mentioned it was wonderful getting out, thanks again fir the millionth time for setting it up. Looking forward to the next one as well!

  • Elli says:

    These are great! Must have been refreshing for you all to go on this photo adventure. Curious – did you challenge yourself to use of just once lens? How much gear did you bring with you? Thanks for sharing.

  • ryan says:

    I think you got one of me stepping in dog poop.

    Such a good time. Felt like the olde days. We should do it again.

  • Ali M. says:

    This is lovely! Eastern WA has such great tones & tundra 😉 Your friend is a great model. Looks like such fun!!

  • Favorite: the ones of Amber where she’s laying down, her profile. Then when she opens her eye and looks at you. Very cool. This looks like an awesome adventure.

  • Phil says:

    Carly! These. Are. Bad. Ass. And theres nothing wrong with some good center framing if they’re money like these 🙂 See you in a few weeks!

  • Karen says:

    Dude. These are so RAD! Adore the ones of Amber- especially the ones of her lying down in the flowers- and the movie file of her hair blowing. SO SICK! So sad I missed out- next time for sure!

  • Cherie says:

    The colours are absolutely beautiful. Oh my goodness. So much talent <3

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