Rachel+Sam, Pt. 2 | Staunton, VA Engagement

The morning after we arrived to the tiny historic town of Staunton, Virginia, we met up with Rachel+Sam for a second round of photo magic. What a way to spend your wedding weekend, having lots and lots of pictures taken in the last days and hours before you’re “man and wife.”

We started this second bout of greatness at Rachel+Sam’s new apartment, which is straight out of the 60s! It really made me miss our apartment in Tennessee and I wondered if we’d ever find a place like that again–full of character, plaster walls, and funky wallpaper. Of course, we loved taking portraits in their new home. The bare walls and few pieces of furniture made for very interesting compositions.

To see the first half of Rachel+Sam’s engagement photos, be sure to check them out here.

Rachel told me the following was the “sole reason” she and Sam decided to take their new apartment. 🙂

Then we ventured outdoors, where the morning light was still lovely, even at 10am… PS. How much do you love Sam’s tattered TOMS???

We made a quick run through downtown Staunton. This town is SUPER historical and if I can say one thing I miss about living in the South, it’s the history… You just can’t deny the charm of these old buildings. By the way, I did not know when I took this picture that Rachel+Sam were standing on the porch steps of a funeral home… Maybe I should’ve left that part out.

You know what’s awesome? Sam kept telling me how unusual it was for him to be so openly affection with Rachel in front of other people (in this case, George and me). “For some reason, it just feels normal with you guys… It’s pretty amazing…”

Gotta love hearing that!

Coming up next, Rachel+Sam’s wedding! And if you’re like me, you’re stoked because you can’t get enough of these two! Am I right?? Yeah, that’s what I thought…

By the way, I’m sorry this is such a late night post. Our day starts pretty early tomorrow as my sister, Cassie, will be going into the hospital to deliver her second baby, a sweet baby boy named Sawyer. Don’t worry, I’ll have my camera and I’ll be really anxious to share photos with you all. Watch out for those and keep up with Twitter statuses, as I’ll be updating regularly!

Happy (pre)Thursday!

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