Rachel+Sam, Pt. 1 | Staunton, VA Engagement

I’m always enthralled by the stories of how my clients fell in love. And even though I’ve known Rachel+Sam for quite some time now, I had never heard the whole story of how they got together until the weekend of their wedding… And in that spirit, I’ve decided to hold off on telling you the whole story—at least, not until their wedding post.

We begin with their engagement photos, which were some of the most impromptu photos I’ve ever taken. After about ten hours of traveling, George and I arrived at the Dullus airport in Washington D.C. at approximately 5:30pm EST. As we made our way across the D.C./VA border with our bride and groom, I couldn’t help noticing the gorgeous golden light coming over the hills and how much I’d love to be taking pictures right then

Then Rachel chimed in, “You’re not too tired? You want to take some? Because we know the perfect spot! We just found it recently!”

How could I dismiss the enthusiasm?! So not even an hour after we landed, we were off to chase the sun across the beautiful Virginia hills… Enjoy this first half of Rachel+Sam’s engagement session. I hope their love seeps into your heart and makes it grow three times bigger. You know…  “Grinch” style.

Rachel just received Sam’s wedding ring earlier that week and was so excited, she decided to surprise him with her own proposal! So adorable and romantic!

So I’ve split up Rachel and Sam’s engagement session into two posts because they were taken over two days. Obviously, these were shot in the remaining minutes of daylight we had and I felt the contrast of the morning photos we took the next day deserve a post all their own. So stay tuned for those!

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