Motivation Monday, Issue 1

This week, my “motivation gear” has been thrust into overdrive and I’m on a mission to make things happen! Already, I feel rejuvenated and determined to keep my mind and spirit on track. So I’ve dubbed each Monday as “Motivation Monday” and I’m going to list out my weekly goals, which all relate to my bigger goals listed here on my New Year’s Resolution post. Each Monday, I’ll review the previous week’s goals and create a new list, that way I can always hold myself accountable and track my progress.

Goals to complete over the course of this week:

I woke up at 9am this morning, so I’m going to make my greatest effort to wake up at 8am tomorrow. Sleep is one of my favorites, so here’s hoping I can stick to that one. I did manage to run almost 1.5 miles today, which was a feat, considering it’s been about six weeks since I’ve seen the treadmill. So I had to give myself a solid pat on the back for that one.

So what are some of your goals this week? Let’s do them together! And because every post is better with a photo… Man, I sure do love the winter we’ve been having… Even with beautiful sunshine all week, we’ve had snow on the ground for the last five days. The general frostiness everywhere is soooo romantic to me. I know you agree with me there…


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  • Ali Walker says:

    I thought you said read the Bible for two hours every DAY and I thought, “Whoa–hardcore!” Ha!

    Good on you! I am easing back into running after many, many years off. I have put on quite a few pounds over the past few years–tackling them now! Good on you for all of these goals.

  • I’m doing 111 things in 2011. Big and small. This week I’ve accomplished The Polar Bear Plunge and am working towards my goal of knitting a scarf and running a 1/2 marathon. Those last two are taking some time to do. 😉

    Best wishes with your goals! Can’t wait to hear an update.

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