Dorothy Huynh | Seattle, WA

Dorothy, or “Dorth”, as I so fondly refer to her as, is a talented, spry, and fun-loving photographer right here in Seattle. She also just happens to be interning for one of my favorite local photographers, Sarah Rhoads. We’ve been chatting back and forth over email for a few months now and were finally able to meet up for some downtown adventuring! While we were out, we took some photos and laughed a lot!

As you look through some of these pictures, you really have to appreciate Seattle’s forever-changing scenery. We even found a wall with an enormous painted mural. We immediately went to use it as a backdrop when we ran into some guy who was working behind that wall and told us how it’s always being repainted by the same artist. Whenever someone comes along and “tags” the wall with something, the painter comes out and works that tag into something imaginative and beautiful. Looking at the wall, I couldn’t even tell where the tags were!

Seattle, I love you and all the creative brilliance you possess. And Dorothy—you’re a big piece of that brilliance.


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