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Yesterday, I attended my first meeting with the group I’ll be going to Haiti with at the end of April. After last night, I am feeling excited, nervous, scared, overwhelmed, anxious, and a bunch of other things I can’t verbalize right now. Regardless of all these emotions, I know this is something I want to do and should do right now. I know it’s something on my New Year’s Resolutions list but all aside, I think this is important and something everyone should do at some point in their lives. And by “something”, I mean taking a risk, going somewhere people are hurting, and serve in whatever way you can.

Anyway! So now, it’s time to raise funds! $1500 is needed to cover all the trip’s expenses. We’re also taking money with us to give to the orphanage where we’ll be serving while we’re there. So here’s what I’ve done—

The following images are available for purchase for a very limited time. The money received from these purchases will go to fund my trip to Haiti as well as provide support to the orphanage where we’ll be serving during our week there. Please consider purchasing a print for your home, for a friend, for a family member, for whomever! Your support in this is a huge encouragement to me and to the rest of the group. While we don’t see Haiti much in headlines these days, the devastation is still very real and very much in need of a solution.

Something our group leader mentioned last night really stuck with me. She actually quoted the pastor of our church, saying, “Don’t pray for things where you’re not willing to help,” and I really had to ponder hard about this. We can pray for those in pain, those that are homeless and suffering, children that are hungry, but unless we’re willing to help someone that falls in that category, than all your prayers don’t really count for much.

So if this is something you can do, then please do it and pass the link on to friends and family who may also be able to spring for a print. And if you can’t purchase a print, do me a solid and send the link on to friends and family anyway, because if someone can purchase one, it makes a huge difference, not only to us, but to the sweet kids at this orphanage who have lost everything.

LIMITED EDITION PRINTS starting at $25 (this link will open in a new window). If you don’t want to purchase a print and would simply like to make a donation (minimum of $5), you can send money via PayPal to

(Depending on how the prints sell, additional prints may become available.)

Thank you, thank you, in advance, for your support and encouragement. If you have any questions about how you can support us, please email me at Thanks, guys.

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