Cassie+Solomon | Seattle, WA Love Shoot

I’m excited to share this next session with you. It’s special because it was with ┬ámy older sister, Cassie, and her husband, Solomon. We’ve been trying to take pictures for quite a while now and finally had the opportunity last week. I adore these two and it’s always a privilege to document family.

If you knew these two, you’d realize how unbelievably funny they both are, especially when you put them together. They speak their own little language and the only reason I understand any of it is because I’m around them enough to be on the “inside” of all their jokes. Like when they call each other “furry” or “bunnery” (these are complimentary words) or when they start quoting their daughter… It gets to be hard to hold my camera still because I’m laughing so hard.

This session is also a long time coming. Cassie+Sol were married just before digital photography took over the wedding industry and their photographer made the horrendous mistake of using a brand new camera (that he wasn’t familiar with) to document their day. All their photos came back washed out, overexposed, and to be quite frank, awful. The only photos they have from their wedding are the ones guests took using the disposable cameras placed at the reception tables. Unless you’ve experienced something similar, you can never fully understand this kind of loss. So take heed, future bride and grooms. Find a photographer you can trust and knows what their doing. Check their portfolio and make sure the work is solid. Don’t just take their word for it.

But here’s the good news. There’s always time to make new memories and create more images that you will love and cherish. And this session is a perfect example of that. Oh, and here’s another tidbit from this session you didn’t know—We took these photos on the 11 year anniversary of the day Cassie+Sol met each other. Perfect for Valentine’s Week, if I do say so myself.

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