Jolene, Eric & “Sylas” | Teaser

Guess what! This is my 1,001st post on the blog! Considering the year I started this “little” blog (in 2001), I probably should’ve hit that number eons ago! But anyone who has kept track knows my first three years in Tennessee were quite depressing and blogging happened about once a month, if that!

I’m really glad I’m back to blogging. Especially with my new focus. Since graduating in May, I feel like I’ve had to “catch up” with my photography. I always loved it and I always knew it’s what I wanted to do, but a full-time school schedule on top of a full-time job made picture-making slim to none!

So cheers to cracking into the 1,000’s! And to celebrate! How about a little teaser from my first real maternity shoot?! I’ve always loved maternity because honestly, pregnancy fascinates me. I can only imagine what I’ll be like when I go through the process myself (Lord willing)! But maternity shoots are cool because it’s different and it’s really fun to use that large belly as a prop for new and creative pictures.

We had to cut our time short because George and I made plans with my favorite photographer in the world, Sara Renee. But we’re meeting up again tomorrow to shoot some more! And I can hardly wait to hear more about Jolene’s cravings for steak or how baby Sylas kicks Eric in the face when he rests his head on Jolene’s tummy! So enjoy this little teaser of Jolene and her Bundle of Wahoo! Seriously, their kid is probably gonna be the funniest kid ever! I love it!

Jolene, Eric & Sylas

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