Joe + Caroline / Engagement in Grand Lake, Colorado

If I didn’t love Seattle so much, I could easily see myself picking up and moving to the beautiful backwoods of Colorado. There was something about this place that resonated with me. Something in the air, the trees, in the faces of those we spent our time with… I’m not blowing smoke! I really, truly loved it and George and I both agree—we really wanna go back. As soon as possible, please. As long as the reason we’re going is as awesome as Joe+Caroline.

After their engagement, we met up with Joe, Caroline, and their families for the rehearsal dinner and we barely got 10 minutes into our meal before we discovered that J+C are a very special couple. Together since high school and finally getting married after six years together. And story after story told by family members… It was a laughter and tearful evening. For George and me, it was like visiting friends we haven’t seen a long time… Like we’ve known them forever and we were just picking up where we left off.

I’m excited to share their wedding with you. I really think you’re going to love it…

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