Drew + Angela / Friendtographers in Littleton, Colorado

The days leading up to Labor Day weekend, George and I made our first trip to Colorado together. It was my first time visiting the beautiful state, so we really made the most of it. Starting out by spending the first part of the week with these beautiful souls–The Willinghams. Drew+Angela have become dear, dear friends of ours since we first found each other online but truthfully, we feel like we’ve known them forever. So we spent two days with them in beautiful conversation and stories and then we went to see the Red Rocks in Littleton and take photos of each other. You can see D+A’s awesome shots of us HERE–we are totally smitten with them! The photos AND the Willinghams! We genuinely cannot wait to go back and spend more time with these two and their doll-faced little girl, Olivia. If it were up to me, we’d move Colorado next door to Washington, because only then, would things really be perfect.

Thanks again for that wonderful time together, you two! We love you both mucho mas grandes tortillas!

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