I Am Not A Garden Gnome.

I may be stuck underneath these circumstances for longer than I would have hoped. Considering my financial situation, and the one of my parents, it may be more than a year before I get to return to Seattle. I suppose this is acceptable, but I wish it could be better. I know my parents would like to see me graduate from Lee and while the idea frustrates me, I’m sure it’s the most logical thing to do.

Talking with my mom, I know that my sister went through this same sort of situation–living somewhere she hated. However, my sister could visit home almost whenever she wanted just by jumping in her car and driving the five hours west to get there. However, in my case, it’s ever-so-slightly a longer drive…

School started this week. I’ve registered for the full 12 hours and I feel much more prepared this semester than I did in the fall. I definitely want to change my major from Communications/Journalism to Communications/Graduate, which not only suits me better but would probably speed up the graduation process. I’m taking Rhetoric & Research, which is your basic English 110 class. I took Writing from Research (the same class) at Cascadia but the teacher was a butthole and gave me a “D.” The grade transferred when I started at Lee, but I’m not pleased with how that looks on my transcript, so I’m taking the class over while I’m here.

I’m actually starting to feel better about the whole situation. When I think about starting over this semester and having the fresh start, I feel that much more motivated to do well.

So here’s hoping the next three months are fruitful.

Upcoming events:

1. My 23rd birthday next Tuesday, the 16th.
2. My 23rd birthday party next Saturday, the 20th.

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