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Confession. I haven’t had too many great experiences with wedding coordinators. In the past, I’ve seen them be controlling, narcissistic, frazzled, borderline neurotic, and unable to adapt to a schedule that will, unavoidably, run late. However, it has always been my firm recommendation to all my couples that they invest in a wedding coordinator or at the very least, a “day-of” coordinator. A lot of couples I know believe they can’t afford one but trust me… You can’t afford not to have one. Having someone there every step of the wedding process is like having a little “Wedding Angel” on your shoulder to let you know when something is a good idea and when something is not. And when it isn’t a good idea, you’ll save the time, money, and trouble of making a mistake. Likewise, when it’s a good idea, a wedding coordinator will direct you to the best quality and most affordable options out there. And here’s another truth you probably didn’t think about—When there’s no coordinator, who do you think inherits that job?

The Photographer.


And while I’m prepared to designate people to where they should probably go and when, I’m not prepared to plan the schedule, assist the caterers, set up tables, take down chairs, clean, or coordinate like a professional. The most I can do is instruct. Other than that, I’m there to document the day, tell your story artistically, and blend in with the scenery.

“So who do you recommend?” a bride asked me after I made the suggestion one day.

In that moment, I realized there wasn’t one coordinator I could refer her to. All I could do was suggest she hire someone good. But it got me thinking—There has to be a coordinator out there that shares the same approach to weddings I do. Someone laid back, down-to-earth, with a Zen-like mentality who makes wedding planning fun and leaves the stress at home. And I found her! She really does exist!

Her name is Emily Murphy. She is the heart of Manette Gracie Weddings & Events and she is so good at her job! Not to mention sweet, personable, and a total rock star. We first met several months ago and since our first meeting, I have not regretted sending a single client to her. The feedback I’ve heard has been nothing but praise and for good reason. She’s wonderful! And oh-so talented. She specializes in Day-Of Wedding Coordination and while you only pay to have her on your wedding day, she’s there to help you plan from start to finish. You can email her as much as you like before the wedding and she’s happy to help. What a blessing!

She has a new website coming soon so we got together recently on a beautiful day in Seattle for new headshots of her gorgeousness. Be sure to check her blog regularly or “Like” her page on Facebook for all the amazing ideas, tips, and resources she posts on a daily basis. You will fall in love with her and be so glad you hired such an amazing person to coordinate your day.

Email her at manettegracie@gmail.com to learn what she can do for you.

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