Contest Winner & A Teaser!

Today, I got together with Edgard and Kathea Coto for a really fun session! If you’ve been familiar with my stuff, you might remember them from a couple years ago when I did their engagement photos! Well, they’re back and they’re MARRIED! And they figured they were overdue for some new pictures. So here are a couple teasers for you! This particular shoot was fun because I decided to use some props, which I’ve never done before! And I think I’ve decided that I like them!

Whispering quotes from "The Office" with tin-can phones! Yesss!!! Trust me. They were made for each other. Remember that blue parasol I tweeted about a few days ago??? Seriously, you're never too old for bubbles. Never.

I’ve got plenty more to post but I’ve got lots of editing to do first. So I hope this first glimpse is enough to make you want to see more of this adorable couple. I work with Kathea at Starbucks and she makes my life sooo much easier. And the two of them together today—I could not stop laughing! We really had a lot of fun!

And now, for another update…

It is really incredible how God works things out in our lives. I don’t even know where to begin to describe how awesome things have been this past week. Actually, there were a few really rough days. But overall, some really awesome stuff worth mentioning, for sure!

George and I are getting a new car! Last Friday (our official date day), we went to see the new Harry Potter flick. Afterward, I noticed the Toyota dealership across the street. I’ve never actually gone to a car dealership unless it was for someone else, but I thought, Why not? It wasn’t like they were going to force us into purchasing a car! So we went “to look.”

Long story short, in the next two weeks, we should have a new vehicle! We’re looking at a 2010 Toyota Corolla (since we love our ‘Rola so much!) and we’re totally stoked about it! We wouldn’t be able to do it if certain things weren’t in place (me being a new graduate, “cash for clunkers”, and two year’s worth of Starbucks stock), but we figure all these things have happened for a good reason!

I am still struggling at work. I am in a lot of physical pain when I’m there, especially in my back. Last Tuesday (“pastry day”) was particularly devastating. So I am still agonizing over whether or not I want to continue my employment. Please pray this issue is resolved soon because it doesn’t seem to be getting any easier. Your thoughts and encouragement are truly appreciated.

And of course, it’s time for what you’ve all been waiting to find out! The winners of the Tennessee Aquarium engagement shoot! And the winners are…

Travis & Alanna! A super awesome couple from Cleveland, Tennessee! I am so excited to share more of their story in the coming weeks! Thanks to everyone who submitted their stories! We laughed, we teared-up, and we laughed some more! It’s amazing how people fall in love and it was a very tough decision to make! But I think you’ll agree, after you see the photos (yet to be taken), that they were the ones to win. And you’ll fall in love with them instantly—I promise!

Having a contest was really cool and I definitely plan to have more in the future! So stay tuned and you can have a chance at winning something spectacular!

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