Picture this:

The three of us coasting along comfortably in Travis’ car heading south for an out-of-town concert. The sun has set but it’s not nearly dark enough to see any stars. Thinking back now, the whole memory looks like it was limited to shades of blue and purple. A beautiful scene, a beautiful night.

Travis looks to his left and sees a yellow moon and says, “Wow, look at the moon…”

All three of us look.

Travis continued, “Hmm, it looks so small, doesn’ it?”

As I stared after his gaze, I notice something myself, “Yeah. Slightly misshapen too.”

We continued to watch as the moon began to spin to its side, revealing a message I never expected to see…


We laughed really hard at ourselves after that. Later that night, we saw the real moon and I was not as taken with it as I was with the Subway mini-blimp. How unfortunate.

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