Going to a show is a spectacular thing for me. I feel better when I go, and more normal. Listening to a band play live and run around on a stage makes me smile just thinking about it. Whenever I go, I’m inspired by the bandmembers. I always leave wanting to be a better guitar player, a louder singer, an entertaining performer, and an inspiration to others. Could I be? I ask myself. I’m gonna try… I’ll answer.

Last Saturday, I saw Switchfoot play a show with Noise Ratchet in Seattle. I went with friends Sarah, Molly, Nick, and Travis. It’s been a week since and I still catch myself remembering, dwelling on the whole picture. Jon Foreman, with his shaggy Southern California locks, the red and blue lights hanging above like Christmas ornaments, and my friends faces–all smiles.

Tonight, it will be the same. Strange Occurance, who has a full-page ad in this month’s HM Magazine, is playing tonight. I remember the first time I saw the band. It was at a local church who, unfortunately, did not advertise well, therefore the total attendence could not have been more than 30 people. And of those people, only four of them stood at the edge of the platform, enjoying an arms-reach distance of the bandmembers. Of course, I was apart of the four. It was about two years ago and I remember watching Joe, the guitarist, in absolute awe of his talent. Ever since, I have had a deep respect for Joe and have aspired to play as well as he does. He has amazing style; I have yet to find someone who plays in the same way Joe does. I love it.

Now, it’s time for a shower, ready to wash away every worry and thought from today except for the anticipation of a fun show.

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